9 Minute Marinator

9 Minute Marinator

The 9 Minute Marinator (moist, plump & flavourful foods in 9 mins!) for RM110, Delivery Nationwide
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    • Features:
      • Turns overnight marinating into just 9 minutes
      • Reduces the time you need to spend in the kitchen preparing meals - you can marinate and cook a meal in 20 minutes
      • Regular foods become gourmet meals using spices, dry rubs and salad dressing that you already have at home
      • Has a large capacity canister for large cuts of meat, whole chickens, racks of ribs, turkey breasts etc.
      • Can be used to marinate meats, vegetable, salads and desserts
      • No more mixing or tossing - it does it for you
      • It's easy to clean and store - the power base fits into the canister so it take little storage space
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Some swear by 'trial and error' while others consciously stray away from the kitchen unless a trusted cook book is in hand.
Today's DEAL makes gourmet at home possible and affordable with the 9 Minute Marinator at only RM110!
Package includes:
  • 1 x Marinator Power Base
  • 1 x AS material Canister
  • 1 x Tenderizer plate inside canister
  • 1 x Lid
  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Instructional manual
  • 1 x Recipe book

Product Specifications:

  • Available colour: Silver
  • Gift box size:28*20*20.5cm
  • Measurement(cm):57*40.8*41.5
  • G.W(kg):17kg
  • N.W(kg):15kg



Its large capacity canister allows all parts of that bird or lamb - chunky cuts of meat, racks of ribs, breats etc - to be thoroughly marinated at less the usual time without compromising on that intoxicating post cooking aroma. 
This huge immerser also goes beyond its marinating duties by being a versatile mixer and tosser for ounces of salad and desserts. 

product sold is an OEM replica of the actual product